Sunday, November 19, 2017


Do you remember the Ghastlie Dolls that came out in 2016?  

The Ghastlies - Voodoo Doll Project - 24" x 44" PANEL Quilt Fabrics from

Well of course I have a bunch of them.

However, I did NOT want to make the dolls.
I had other ideas and eventually 
found a pale green denim jacket at the thrift store..
added heat and bond to the back of the dolls,
and found a Sebastian and pumpkin
for my jacket back design!

After pressing them onto the jacket
I stitched them down with a buttonhole stitch!

Added a bit of fun to a front pocket!
I need new buttons and I may add more embellishment...
the jacket will tell me.

I also gave my BFF Shirley, this beauty...
She added it to a blue denim cotton shirt.
She took a pocket off the shirt and added some 
black stitches to hide the hole.

Just because you have fabric that was made for "something"
doesn't mean it shouldn't become "something else!
Create outside the box...especially with Ghastlies!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Hey, its me...the Cookie Diva!
Kathy has me back in the kitchen
and good grief, she is making me wear this 
GHASTLIES Christmas Apron!

Can you believe that?

She has me bake hundreds of cookies, every year!
Not for her, but for her family.
I told her she may want to include toothbrushes
in their cookie tins!

These cookies freeze nicely for up to 3 months
in her cute little freezer.  Safely tucked away
safe from her hubby...he seldom goes in the basement! 

You can find all the Cookie Diva recipes
on the tab above called "Sweet Celebrations"

But for now...
you gotta try these NEW Recipes that will
certainly feed that sweet tooth, we know you have!

Kathy does not like it when I exclude
 nuts, peanut butter or other ingredients that could cause
allergic reactions to cookie monsters!
AND nothing is Gluten Free....
Just Sayin!

Thursday, November 9, 2017


If you have not joined in the fun on Instagram...
here's another great reason!

The IG quilting community is so generous and sharing.
Not only do they share inspirational ideas 
and pictures of projects, but,
For the 3rd year, there has been a sharing of
quilty things that is totally AWESOME!

Everyone uses the picture above and
then in their post...they make their quilty wish and
tagging it #getyourquiltywishesgranted3

IF you see a wish you can ask the lucky wisher
to send their address to you and you send that wish to them.

I sent out 8 wishes this year of fabric from my stash.
I forgot to take pics of the last 2 but you will get the idea!

And yes, one lucky person received some Ghastlies!
I am very stingy with my Ghastlies
but since I have a large quilt made with this
 OOP Ghastlies Christmas fabric
I parted with some large scraps...

Someone asked for Blue and White scraps...wish granted!

Another good friend wished for scraps..No problem and 
I threw in some Anna Marie Horner charms..she luvs her fabric!

Wishes for Pixie Noel, by Tasha Noel...Granted!

Another hexie girl wished from Christmas fabric scraps...Granted!

A newbie quilter asked for Cotton and Steel
and I sent her some cute F8s

And then I posted my wishes.
Allison Glass fabric because...
I had NO Allison Glass in my Stash...
and some quilt books!
THIS is what many peeps sent me..AMAZING!

Allison Glass strips and scraps

More AG scraps and a purse pattern thrown in for good luck!

Allison Glass charms...melt in your mouth yummy!

and more A G scraps

One day's happy mail here.
3 wishes granted.. 2 peeps sent AG fabrics
and 1 peep sent this awesome quilting book!

Another generous peep sent me this book!

and a lovely peep who used to own a fabric/quilt store...
sent me two books!

What a generous IG community...reaching out to one another
to share what we me hope for humanity.
There is kindness in this world.

If you are reading this and you granted a wish to anyone
Thank you for making this effort a huge success!
It is a wonderful way to #payitforward